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Yume Shinya -ENGLISH- CVVC

Release date: 24/10/2014

English CVVC Sample

Yume Shinya -SOFT- VCV/CV

Release date: 24/10/2014

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Yume Shinya Act2.6 + HIGH

Release date: 24/10/2014

Act 2.6 Sample
Name: Yume Shinya; 深夜ユメ; しんやゆめ; Shin-ya Yume
Type: UTAUloid / Netherloid
Race: Human / Fox
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Birthdate: October 10th, XXXX
Age: 25
Nationality: Dutch/Filipina
Height: 5’5″ ft (167 cm)
Weight: 154 lbs (70 kg)
Voice Source: Tetsu Ebero (formerly Gintaku/Gintijd)
Voice Range: 292.3 Hz (D4)
Release Date: October 23rd, 2009
Character Items: Soccer ball
Broodje Frikandel
Iced Latte
Likes: The Netherlands, Mani Hatsu (her GF) junkfood, animals, orange, friends, soccer, sport, starting fights, insult people, training
Dislikes: Twin brother, annoying people
Personality: Yume looks like a cute twin sister. But if you know her better, she would kick your ass. She doesn’t even care about you. She just wants to make fun. Her favorite country is the Netherlands. She loves the tulips and the weather changing. She plays soccer when the sun shines. Also, she loves to make fun of her twin brother. Even Yume likes yaoi, but not as much as her brother.
Other: Yume’s real name is Ysa Ebero Shinya. But that’s only used for roleplays and stories.

Yume has defended Mino for several years. Her twin brother used to be bullied a lot, because he was too “feminine”. Yume loves her brother, but she shows it by kicking him and punching him.

Yume has been single for years, until she got together with her best friend, Mani Hatsu, on December 23rd 2015. They met each other probably around 2014. And they secretly had feelings for each other, but never really talked about it, because they were best friends, and didn’t want to ruin the friendship. But Mani went out and said she liked Yume, and Yume agreed to make it official.

Yume and Mani have already reached their first Anniversary together, and they still absolutely love each other.

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