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Tatsuo Gekidone Act 2.0 VCV/CV

Release date: 11/09/2013

CV Sample
VCV Sample
Name: Tatsuo Gekidone; 激怒音タツオ; げきどねたつお; Gekidone Tatsuo
Type: UTAUloid / Netherloid
Race: Human / Fox
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Birthdate: August 19th, XXXX
Age: 23
Nationality: Dutch
Height: 5’11” ft (180 cm)
Weight: 201 lbs (91 kg)
Voice Source: Darashama
Voice Range: 136.0 Hz (C#3)
Genre: Yandere-like songs.
Release Date: August 19th, 2012
Character Items: Flame thrower
Likes: Fire, flames, chocolate, to call every short person chibi/shorty/kleine, gaming, watching tv shows.
Dislikes: Teto Kasane
Personality: Tatsuo is a human/fox, 23 years old, the cousin of the Shinya twins. He’s from the Dutch side of the family. Unlike Mino, he’s heterosexual. And like SPIKE (when SPIKE used to be homophobe), he wants Mino to search for the “chicks” instead of the dudes.

Tatsuo is a very evil guy, he used to be sweet and such, but it all changed for some reason. He can be nice, tho. But he’s mostly really psycho.

His hatred to Teto Kasane is big. There isn’t an exact reason behind his hate to this Vipperloid. But when he just hears the name, the voice, or sees the drill haired UTAU herself, he’d get furious.

Tatsuo is best friends with SPIKE, that’s almost the only person he’s nice to. They get along very well. He sees SPIKE as his little brother.

Other: Tatsuo wears a tight sleeveless shirt that also covers his neck. His shirt has a logo on it that means “flammable”. He doesn’t wear tight pants, but actually wide, baggy ones. His pants are normally black/gray and has the colors Red, Orange, Yellow on his trouser legs in the shape of flames. His shoes are also black/gray with red shoe soles and laces. On his right arm he wears a glove, from is hand to his elbow, with a screen that reacts to music. His left ear has two golden earrings.

He’s very buff, and looks like someone you don’t want to approach in any reason.

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