Yume Shinya

Yume is a loud and strong high pitched queen. Her voice is mostly used for really strong songs. She also has a soft voicebank for the more calmer songs.

Mino Shinya

Even though Mino doesn’t have a wide range for his voice, he can still sing a bunch of songs. His voice isn’t strong and also not all too soft.


SPIKE has a high pitched and emotional voice. His voicebank is quite often used for emotional and sad songs, which really can hit you hard in the kokoro.

Nitomi Mishka

Nitomi only has one voicebank, which was recorded in 2010 by my bestie. His voice quality may not be amazing, but he can still sing a lot of songs with his one and only CV voicebank.

Tatsuo Gekidone

Tatsuo, voiced by a good friend of mine. Tatsuo was created in 2012 and has a somewhat deep voice with a little bit of a Dutch accent. He has both a CV and VCV voicebank.

Linda Enpitsune

Linda was recorded by my little cousin of 7 years old. Linda only has two voicebanks, her first CV from 2010 and her recent CVVC from 2015, you can hear how much she’s grown in the recent one.

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